Golf Courses Quality Manual now available for the European market
20 december 2021 Golf, Innovaties
De Enk Groen & Golf developed the Quality Manual years ago to help golf courses maintain their quality and to make it easy to assess. NiB ScanPro, (Casper Paulussen), has provided the technical charts of the manual. With this handbook, Head greenkeepers, course marshals and course managers can easily translate the chosen visual quality and performance requirements into maintenance measures. The manual and the charts have now also been translated into English and are crossing the border. It will therefore be available for the European market from February 2022. 

Job specific assessment
The manual can always be adapted to your own golf course and can therefore be used as a custom evaluation. Selections can be made in different ways. It is possible to determine for each part of the game which quality is agreed (in terms of visual and technicality) or what should be worked towards. With periodic measurements, the current quality and the long-term quality of turf and soil can be mapped in charts, graphs and reports. The core of the quality manual consists of scale bars that represent the three different quality levels (A, B or C). A scale bar consists of three photos, a description of the quality evaluation and the measurable standard.

Data-driven management with Golfviewer
Data-driven management is the new standard. In combination with Greenviewer( this is very simple. Greenviewer is linked to the quality manual so that all data from the golf course can be processed and digitized there. Greenviewer also makes it possible to do a digital inspection and to make a report. This helps the greenkeeper, course commissioner and course manager to have a conversation about the quality of the golf course. This can result in an improvement plan and mutual understanding.

Rollout in Germany
De Enk Groen & Golf and NiB ScanPro will roll out the manual in Germany in collaboration with the Greenkeeper Verband Deutschland. We provide digital support for approximately 1000 golf courses that can start using the system and the implementation of the manual. When necessary, we provide additional physical (group) support. The introduction of the Golf Courses Quality Manual in Germany will take place at the GVD fair in Bayreuth in February 2022.
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